Zeugma Mosaic Museum

The museum is located on Hacı Sani Konukoğlu Bulvarı, in the Mithatpaşa District of Şehitkamil.  The museum tries to show its visitors a flavour of the lifestyle, culture and beliefs of the people living at that time in the city, by recreating their environment using full scale replicas of a street, fountain, building walls and foundation stones, constructed according to the architecture of the time.

Gaziantep Art Centre

The building that was built in the Republican Period (in the 1950s) was built as a Government House-Court House. The building has been built with cut stone material and has a monumental appearance with its clock tower and high columned entrances. The building, which was restored in 2015, was functioned as Gaziantep Art Center, including city archive and library, art galleries and exhibition halls and children’s art centre.

(c) Image – Zeugma Mosaic Museum